The Many Faces Of Richard E. Grant

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This week sees the American wide release of Pablo Larraín's Jackie, starring Natalie Portman as the famous First Lady in the week following the murder of her husband John F. Kennedy. Other notable actors in the film are Peter Sarsgaard, John Hurt and Richard E. Grant.

Richard E. Grant is a funny one to pick for this quiz, as he only seems to have one face he's famous for: the pompous hysterical one. But whenever he's used well, the man becomes nothing short of glorious, and then it's impossible to take your eyes off of him.

So once again I'm going to use eleven close-ups of one of my favourite thespians to make a quiz. Click through the images and guess which movies or shows they're from. No competition, no prizes, just for fun. Try to see how far you get without using IMDb!

And I'll post the answers next Thursday (or earlier if someone gets all eleven of them right).

Kurt Halfyard and Stuart Muller contributed to this story.

And here he is as... ehm... actually, the press materials for Jackie so far do not show any pictures of him as Bill Walton, bar a blurry background cameo or two (to be fair, the film isn't called Bill, so...). Instead, here is a recent press shot.

This picture isn't part of the quiz yet, but the others are. Browse through them all, and see how many you recognize!

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