Limited Edition BASKIN Figures From GoodLeg Toys, Available Tomorrow!

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Limited Edition BASKIN Figures From GoodLeg Toys, Available Tomorrow!
Holy cats! If you have seen Can Evrenol's Turkish horror flick Baskin on the festival circuit in the latter quarter of 2015 and are in looove with it as much as we are then this is something you have to get in on! 

GoodLeg Toys are releasing a wave of resin figures from the soon to be cult classic in a very limited edition. Only 15 pieces of each character! 

Goodleg Toys is proud to announce their first figure drop for 2016. After Manborg, Bio-Cop, Surf-Nazis Must Die, Fist of Jesus, Fungor, and Turbo Kid, Can Evrenol's Baskin is going to be Goodleg Toys' 7th (official!) movie action figure resin release! The first wave of figures from Baskin features Arda The Cop, The Master Creep, and The Father. The figures are 100% hand made, and limited to just 15 pieces each. Priced at $65 for a single piece, and $165 for a full set of 3, they will touch down in our store on January 6th, 6.66pm GMT+1, Berlin time! (That's 6 minutes past 7pm, to be precise!)

Get on this! 
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