THE LURE Trailer Delivers Mermaids And Strippers In 1980s Warsaw

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THE LURE Trailer Delivers Mermaids And Strippers In 1980s Warsaw
Well, now. If director Agnieszka Smoczyńska is to be believed it would appear that things in 1980s Warsaw were a fair bit more colorful and a whole lot stranger than we might have expected looking in from the outside.

Smoczyńska's feature The Lure recently won the prize for the best debut film at the recent Gdynia Film Festival, which only confirms my growing suspicions that things are getting weeeeeeird in the current Polish film scene. And I mean that in a good way. A colorful, musical tale of strippers and mermaids, here's how the festival described it:

Two Mermaids - Silver and Gold - find themselves in the middle of the world of Warsaw dance parties of the '80s, vibrant with music, glittering with neon lights and sparkling sequins. They join the musicians of the Figs and Dates band and overnight become the sensation of the capital's nightlife. Immersed in love and budding passions they forget their true nature for a while. But one single broken heart is enough for the situation to slip out of control...
The Polish theatrical trailer for this one is now online and it's impressive stuff! Check it out below!
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cjohnstonNovember 24, 2015 1:44 PM

THANK YOU Sir .!!!

...along with the brief description of Ma from a couple posts ago, THIS One sounds (not to mention Looks) rather as Well .!

..Definitely on my list.