SPECTRE: New Trailer Pits 007 Against The Shadows Of His Past

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SPECTRE: New Trailer Pits 007 Against The Shadows Of His Past
Seems as if this Daniel Craig era of James Bond flicks has been about origins and shared histories and secret-secrets tucked nice and deep underneath even more secrets, which for a spy series makes some sense, especially when it seems that it's all about shaking up, not stirring, the psychology/machismo of a figure like Bond.

Then why am I totally unengaged with this latest trailer for the Sam Mendes directed Spectre?

Maybe it's the oh so self-serious tone that I can rarely take after the perfectly blunt satire Matthew Vaughan and Jane Goldman presented in the So-Bond-It-Hurts Kingsman: The Secret Service.

Maybe it's the paint-by-numbers way this trailer plays: Sweeping shot of exotic locale, sleek car, grim speech, desperate measures taken... lather, rinse, repeat.

Or maybe it's that my favorite Bond film is the often reviled Quantum Of Solace, which means I don't know what the hell I am talking about.

But hey! there's Léa Seydoux as a new lady in Bond's life! At least that smoldering death stare of hers has ended up in a franchise that'll exploit the hell out of it.

Spectre releases across most territories November 2015.
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