SXSW 2015: ScreenAnarchy Raises The Curtain With 12 Must-See Picks

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Austin, Texas will become the center of the U.S. independent film world tomorrow, as the 2015 edition of South By Southwest will kick off with multiple screenings at a variety of venues in the hilly college town. 

This year, our ScreenAnarchy coverage team consists of Zach Gayne (now a festival vet for us), Chase Whale (contributing to the site again after a spell doing other things), Jeremy Harris (a new contributor), Ryland Aldrich (making a weekend stop to inspire us all), and myself (just there for a long weekend of movie-watching). 

We all have high hopes for a lot of discoveries, as well as a few old favorites, so click through our preview below to see our 12 must-see picks. 

contributed to this story.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been inside SXSW — four years, in fact, when I lived in Austin. SXSW really sets itself apart from others with its diversity in film. Here’s where you’ll see big studio movies, as well as little indies that would forever be in the shadows if it weren’t for festivals like SXSW. The latter is why I love attending these things called film festivals — discovery. Here are some films I know very little about but am jazzed to see. - Chase Whale

One & Two

One & Two is this year’s festival movie I’m going to walk in blind. That’s film critic-speak for “don’t know shit about it.” What I do know is it is s co-writer and director Andrew Droz Palermo's first feature Rich Hill shook me to the bone when I saw it at Sundance some years back. This is his second feature, first narrative and I’m ready to see how much flair he brings to fiction that he banged out with non-fiction. - Chase Whale

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