Pretty Packaging: GIOVANNI'S ISLAND Ultimate Edition Hits The Soul

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Nishikubo Mizuho's film Giovanni's Island is picking up awards by the truckload all over the world, and is currently a nominee in the upcoming Japan Academy Prizes. And rightly so, if our man-in-Japan Christopher is to be believed. He called Giovanni's Island "an affecting and deeply moving film", and "a solid addition to the line of Japanese war films that explore the human toll of conflict". Do read his full review!

Nevertheless, Scottish distributor Anime Ltd. had what they called "a hard sale" trying to get it screened theatrically in the United Kingdom. They persevered though, and managed to give the film some great editions on Blu-ray and DVD as well.

Best of these is the Ultimate Edition, one which is just as oversized as Anime Ltd.'s Gurren Lagann and Patema Inverted Ultimate Editions. While this oversizing makes for rather cumbersome digipacks, it does allow for larger artwork and larger books. And boy, does this one have a great book!

So check out the gallery below, and see what a great edition this great film got. Click on the edge of the images to go to the next slide, or in the center to get a bigger version.

And here it is: a very large box with a wrapper!

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