ANT-MAN: The First Poster Is Exactly What You Would Expect

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ANT-MAN: The First Poster Is Exactly What You Would Expect
Presenting the easiest graphic artist job in the history of making posters! It certainly goes with Marvel's attempt at humor when they released the itsy bitsy teenie weenie trailer teaser the other day. 

While there is an enjoyable trend of minimalist poster artwork that comes with any popular film Marvel is clearly having their share of fun with Ant-Man. I guess they figure that everyone will get the joke here. 

How do you even commission a job like this? 


"Can you make him a bit smaller?"

"Even smaller than that."

"No. No explosions."

"Nope. No villains."

"Nah. I think we'll skip glowing embers this time around."

"And while you're at it, can you change Ant-Man to a black silhouette?"

A reminder that the first full trailer for Ant-Man appears tonight during the two-hour premiere of Marvel's Agent Carter on the tele. 
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