Pretty Packaging: PULP FICTION UK 20th Anniversary Deluxe Box

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(Jules: "Vincent! We happy?" Vincent: "Yeah, we happy.")

My, my, how does time fly... It seems like yesterday that I walked into a Dutch theater and watched Pulp Fiction for the first time, the audience literally rolling over with laughter as John Travolta's Vincent Vega described his adventures in Amsterdam. And now we're all a full two decades older already.

Distributor Lionsgate Home Entertainment UK Ltd. noticed the anniversary as well, and has re-released Pulp Fiction in a Deluxe Box edition. So... what's in the box? Trinkets, mostly, and of course the film itself, the disc of which features a fine transfer (albeit region B only) and is stacked with extras.

But this article is, of course, about the packaging... Check out the gallery below, and you can flick through the images by clicking the edge of them, or sometimes get a bigger version by clicking at the center of them.

And here is the box, looking like the mysterious briefcase Vincent and Jules were sent to retrieve.

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