Just A Reminder: PULP FICTION BluRay

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Just A Reminder: PULP FICTION BluRay

This is better than a royale with cheese. To say the least Pulp Fiction has been done proud. My only complaint is the continued lack of a commentary but even that relatively major annoyance is left in the dust by the stunning upgrade in video quality and lossless DTS audio. This contains all the extras that were on the already dynamite two disc set from awhile back and over an hour of brand new interviews, retrospectives and featurettes. In short this is no double dip. Get this sucker. Pulp Fiction is so interesting to watch these days. If the film has aged at all it has aged in the way that all great art does. While it continues to provoke it also stands apart from it's imitators. What looked like excess the first time around makes should make total contextual sense to anyone trying to work the near constant stream of gratuitous grindhousery that this film helped launch.

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