Latin Beat: Peru's Haunting MAGALLANES And Thrilling DESAPARECER; Plus Mexico's BELLAS DE NOCHE

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Peruvians filmmakers are busy tapping into unpleasant realms for their new movies. Actor Salvador del Solar makes his directorial debut with the haunting Magallanes -- we have new stills and the trailer -- while Dorian Fernandez-Moris mines the rain forest, so to speak, for a thriller about a missing activist in Desaparacer; we have behind-the-scenes photos and the poster. 

We also have word from Mexico about Bellas de Noche, a documentary that has received a great boost. And, just for fun, a couple of Spanish-language posters for Hollywood productions.

Ernesto Zelaya Miñano and Eric Ortiz Garcia contributed to this story.

The Past Comes Back To Haunt MAGALLANES In New Trailer
By Ernesto Zelaya Miñano, Reporting From Peru

Another trailer for a Peruvian movie has hit the web this week, this time for Magallanes, the directorial debut of actor Salvador del Solar, who also wrote the screenplay, based on a short story from famed author Alonso Cueto.

Mexican actor Damián Alcázar stars as the title character, a cab driver who one day recognizes a fare as a woman he knew years ago, when he was a soldier during Peru’s internal conflict with the Shining Path terrorist movement. His desire to help her lands him in a web of corruption and bribery, while bringing back the painful truths of a past he thought was long forgotten.

Del Solar has rounded up an interesting and diverse cast; the always dependable Álcazar is joined by Magaly Solier (The Milk of Sorrow), Argentina's Federico Luppi (Cronos), and heartthrob Christian Meier, who has made a name for himself working throughout most of Latin America in series such as the dark comedy Lynch.

The movie comes from Tondero Films, the same ones who brought us A Los 40 and Asu Mare; here, they seem to be moving away from the comedy genre and into more serious fare. This is the second of their four releases for 2014; the remaining two are Joanna Lombardi's Nómades and Javier Fuentes-León's El Elefante Desaparecido.

Magallanes opens in wide release on November 13.

(Click through to see another still and the trailer for the movie.)

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