THE GOLDEN CANE WARRIOR: Very Promising Behind The Scenes Video

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THE GOLDEN CANE WARRIOR: Very Promising Behind The Scenes Video

This is easily my most anticipated Indonesian film for the rest of the year. Though period action dramas are a staple on Indonesian television -- and just plain bad -- this genre has been pretty much missing from our local big screen. And for that, it has to be done right, because nobody will pay to watch something like what our television industry currently makes.

I can see that this film will take it to another level with director Ifa Isfansyah (The Dancer) at the helm and producer Mira Lesmana on board -- she still holds the record of Indonesia's all time box office champion with The Rainbow Troops -- along with top notch crew like production designer Eros Eflin (9 Summers 10 Autumns), cinematographer Gunnar Nimpuno (Ritual, Killers), and action choreographer Xin Xin Xiong (Glory Days).

The film is still in principal photography, though they should wrap anytime soon now. Since it might be a while before we can have a first look at the finished product, take a first glimpse of The Golden Cane Warrior from their Behind The Scene Video Diary.

Here's the official synopsis.

The well respected and most feared CEMPAKA, who holds the mighty and powerful Golden Cane relic weapon and its ultimate deadly move, was expected to announce its successor to one of her most talented student. Murder and betrayal took over before the announcement made public and as the Golden Cane falls into the wrong hands, chaos was inevitable.

The only person who can help restore order is the long lost Pendekar Naga Putih, the last person who still posseses the ultimate deadly move of The Golden Cane tactics...

Two betrayed students, hurt and angry, must find the warrior before it's too late...

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