Upcoming APPLESEED ALPHA Film Will Be A Reboot-Slash-Prequel

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Upcoming APPLESEED ALPHA Film Will Be A Reboot-Slash-Prequel
Masamune Shirow's manga "Appleseed" has been adapted for the cinema several times already, and according to IGN.com, this summer we can add a new one: Appleseed Alpha.

Details are sketchy, but apparently this is a "reboot" taking place before the previous films, with female supersoldier Deunan and her cyborg friend Briareos still traveling through a post-war wasteland, looking for the city Olympia. Sounds like a prequel to the previous two films, rather than a reboot, but it can (of course) be both.

As evidenced by the first screenshot seen above, this will once again be a cg-animated film. Aramaki Shinji, who also directed Appleseed and Appleseed: Ex Machina, will take the helm. The production is in the hands of Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions and Lucent Pictures Entertainment, and its release is planned for "this summer".
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