First Trailer for APPLESEED ALPHA Has Arrived

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First Trailer for APPLESEED ALPHA Has Arrived
This summer, we'll get a new Appleseed feature in cinemas, and the good people of have just posted an English-language trailer for it.

This iteration is called Appleseed Alpha, and shows the adventures of female supersoldier Deunan and her friend Briareos, who after grievous battle injuries has been resurrected as a giant cyborg. Together they travel across an urban landscape ravaged by war, looking for pockets of civilization. The director is Aramaki Shinji, who also did the previous two Appleseed cgi-films and, more recently, the Space Pirate Captain Harlock 3D movie.

Plot-wise, it sounds like this film stays a bit closer to Masamune Shirow's manga stories. Image-wise, well... faces look a lot more realistic when compared to the earlier films, but Deunan now wears a completely ridiculous uniform which negates any sense of reality. Apparently a strong, athletic young woman in camouflage training gear isn't sexy enough in itself, we now need to include a battle cleavage, a window to her bewbs.

Check the IGN trailer below and chime in: how do you feel about this reboot? Anicipation? Hatred? Meh? Whoa?

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