New To Netflix: From Stanley Kubrick To Johnnie To

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Welcome to a new year of streaming picks in different countries via the ubiquitous red digital envelope. 

This week's entry of New To Netflix is packed with diversity from around the world, available in markets around the world. There is one of the more underrated 1990s atmospheric horror pictures, a darkly brilliant Jim Carrey comedy from the same decade, a humourous Australian gem which focuses on that country's role in the moon landing in 1969, a sultry, sweaty and bonkers neo-noir from 2012, a folk music science fiction comedy from New York City, Paddy Considine's solid directorial debut Tyrannosaur, as well as classic Stanley Kubrick and Johnnie To.  


Adrian Lyne's synthesis of post-traumatic stress syndrome (before that was a thing) and the classic Encounter at Owl Creek Bridge story motif yielded great returns for a film that was curiously dismissed or flat out ignored in 1990, despite the director coming off a massive popular success with the loopy and bombastic Fatal Attraction.

The film features Tim Robbin as a Vietnam veteran turned postal worker experiencing a paranoid mental breakdown. The film is laced with unforgettable images and atmosphere that, for me rank it up there some of the all-time scariest movies ever made.

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