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The year that was 2013 has almost run its course, so the time has come for Team ScreenAnarchy to pool its ever-growing troupe of contributors from the four corners of the planet, gather its collective thoughts and pay special tribute to those films that have made a particularly strong impact over the past twelve months.

While everybody remembers the show-stopping performances from the glamourous A-listers in the lead roles, the ones with the dramatic arcs, unresolved issues and bountiful opportunities to blow the audience's socks off, they would be nowhere without their supporting cast (unless they're Robert Redford, but hey!).  Below are a collection of our favourite supporting performances from 2013 from some of the finst actors and actresses working today.

Todd Brown, Peter Martin, Ryland Aldrich, Brian Clark, Benjamin Umstead, Jaime Grijalba Gomez, Shelagh Rowan-Legg, Ard Vijn, Patryk Czekaj, Joshua Chaplinsky, Eric Ortiz Garcia, Niels Matthijs, Patrick Holzapfel, Kurt Halfyard, Christopher O'Keeffe, Dustin Chang, J Hurtado, Jim Tudor, Ben Croll, Pierce Conran, , Kwenton Bellette and Ernesto Zelaya Miñano contributed to this story.

James Franco in Spring Breakers

Todd Brown - Founder and Editor
Did I pick Franco last year after seeing this at the Toronto International Film Festival? I may very well have but even if so he's absolutely incredible. A mesmerizing, manic performance.

Ben Umstead - East Coast Editor
I've never been a Franco detractor, finding the man's seeming artistic recklessness and pretentious attitude outside of his studio pictures rather curious and playful enough to be amusing. He lends some of that "throw caution to the wind" gusto to his role as gangsta Alien and it is just glorious to watch. Excessive and garish and ugly to the point of posing, and on into passion and purity, this is Franco's best role since his defining turn as Daniel Desario on Freaks and Geeks.

Joshua Chaplinsky - Contributing writer
Franco deserves an Oscar for his sleazy, drug-dealing approximation of Bo Derek in 10. Sadly, he won't even be rewarded with a nomination. Seriously, Academy - wake the fuck up! This is next level shit, and will be remembered long after whatever boring performance wins Best Supporting Actor this year is forgotten.

J Hurtado - Contributing writer

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