Indie Beat: 5 Most Intriguing Indies In September

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While I am not feeling as hot on the independent releases this month as I have in the past couple, (the word "ho-hum" comes to mind) there is no doubt some good stuff coming the U.S.A.'s way this summer's end. I've picked what I think are the five most intriguing titles to keep an eye out for in theaters this September, plus the rest of the gang.

If you're outside of the U.S. what are some of the titles you are looking forward to this month?  

BLUE CAPRICE (September 13)

My birthday is coming up, and since I'm strapped for cash to spend on extra-ordinary things like movie tickets (going to the movies is extra-ordinary? Dear lord, what is happening?), I'm letting any friends out there know that I'd like to go see this movie as a birthday present. You want to see a movie about the snipers who terrorized the Washington D.C. beltway area for your birthday? Yes. Yes I do. I grew up in the D.C. area, and was a teenager at the time of the shootings, living just down the street from one of the sites. I am mighty curious to see my home turf on screen, as well as to how the events are played. It was a very strange, almost detached time. People really did lock their doors and stay inside.

Dustin Chang previewed the movie for last winter's New Directors/New Films, giving it high marks, while Christopher Bourne found it to be lukewarm.

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