New to iTunes Australia: ScreenAnarchy Picks the Best of the New Stuff

Contributing Writer; Melbourne, Australia
Recently we started a New to Netflix column on ScreenAnarchy for readers in the US, Canada and UK. We don't have Netflix in Australia (not that it wouldn't be welcome; Australian consumer advocate Choice has even written Netflix an open letter to bring its service here) so I've decided to start a New to iTunes column to fill the gap. I've recently started using the service quite a lot - despite occasional exorbitant prices, which really need to drop if the service is to become preferable to buying hard copies. However there are some good bargains to be found and films and TV worth shelling out for. 

[Twitch is not associated with iTunes in any way, this is just an acknowledgement that readers are accessing new content in a variety of ways.]

Check out our top picks from June so far, a mix of new and classic films added to the service.

Grizzly Man, directed by Werner Herzog

The reason for me wanting to write this column in the first place. Herzog's 2005 documentary chronicling the life and death of bear enthusiast Timothy Treadwell has just hit the service. Assembled from interviews Herzog did and footage that Treadwell shot before he and his girlfriend were killed by bears he strove to protect, this doco is utterly brilliant and amid Herzog's already fascinating filmography is one of the best thing's he's done. Currently available to rent and buy.

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