Beautiful Images For Cate Shortland's Postwar LORE

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Beautiful Images For Cate Shortland's Postwar LORE
One supposedly amazing Australian classic I've never seen is Somersault, Cate Shortland's Cannes-baiting debut that helped launch Abbie Cornish and Sam Worthington's careers. 

Shortland's second feature, Lore, looks much more interesting, with a far classier and inspirational female lead to boot. Coming a whole eight years after Shortland's 2004 debut, Lore already has the all the hallmarks of another Berlin/Cannes darling. 

Based on the Booker Prize nominee novel The Dark Room by Rachel Seiffert and filmed in Germany, Lore is set in 1945, just as the German resistance has broken down. As the Allied forces sweep across the Motherland five children embark on a journey which will challenge every notion we have of family, love and friendship. 

Some beautiful images from the film have been published across the nets in various places, and I've brought them all under one roof here. Judging by these images, it looks like Shortland might deliver another star-making debut from unknown actress Saskia Rosendahl.
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