Watch A Gorilla Blast A Home Run In MR. GO Clip

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Watch A Gorilla Blast A Home Run In MR. GO Clip
As a joint co-production between Huayi Brothers of China and Showbox of Korea, its only natural that Kim Yong-hwa's Mr. Go will receive a heavy push as a must-see Pan-Asian summer blockbuster event in both countries.  A "superstar" conference was recently held in Beijing, kicking off the first Chinese promotional campaign with the debut of a video that features an extended clip of the loveable baseball-playing gorilla doing what he does best - cracking baseball out of the stadium.

The cast include Xu Jiao (Starry Starry Night, CJ7) and Sung Dong-il (Take Off, 200 Pounds Beauty).

Wei Wei grew up in the circus with a bat-swinging gorilla named Ling Ling. After her grandfather dies in the Great Sichuan Earthquake, she has only Ling Ling to depend on. In order to pay her grandfather's debt, she has no choice but to accept sports agent Sung's proposal to bring Ling Ling to the Korean Baseball League. Despite serious doubts and ridicule from the league, Ling Ling, now dubbed 'MR. GO', becomes an instant hit, hitting one home run after another and propelling his loundering team to the playoffs. However, the rise to stardom is met with unexpected troubles and MR. GO must now face adversaries beyond his control.
The sports comedy will be released theatrically in Korea and China simultaneously in July. You'll find the clip embedded below.
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MichaelbMay 8, 2013 5:05 AM


It's kind of a shame that all the money being pumped into a film being co-produced by Korean and Chinese productions companies is being wasted on what looks like a rather silly movie. It just has the premise of a bad kids movie from the 80's but given a glossy sheen of CGI.

Then again, I'm not a child so this movie is probably not intended for me.

The CGI in some scenes of the trailer, particularly the beginning, were pretty solid.

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