Scarlett Johansson Leads Besson's LUCY

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Scarlett Johansson Leads Besson's LUCY
Having now apparently wrapped up his 'serious' phase in which he pretended to be interested in things other than girls with guns, Luc Besson is getting back to his roots.

The Hollywood Reporter brings word that having now wrapped Malavita Besson's next project will be action-thriller Lucy, which he both wrote and will direct. Scarlett Johansson has signed on for the lead role in which she will play a drug mule essentially turned into a superhero when the drug she is transporting leeches into her bloodstream giving her the power to absorb information instantly, block pain, move objects with her mind and, golly, this sounds kind of stupid. Anybody else pine for the days when Besson made movies like Leon, which had kick ass action but also kept the characters grounded enough for you to actually care about them?

But I digress.

It had been widely reported that Besson's next project following Malavita was meant to be a female fronted action-thriller to star Angelina Jolie, which begs the question of whether Jolie has just been replaced. Also on deck for Besson is an adaptation of French comic Valerian.
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