Photo Gallery for Donnie Yen's ICEMAN COMETH 3D

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Photo Gallery for Donnie Yen's ICEMAN COMETH 3D
Donnie Yen is currently shooting his new film Iceman Cometh 3D, which is a remake of Yuen Biao and Yuen Wah's 1989 action flick. The story spans from China's Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644) to modern day Hong Kong. It is being shot in 3D and easily one of Donnie's most ambitious projects to date. 

The production has not been easy; however, as difficulties such as the failure to get government approval to film some scenes on Tsing Ma Bridge and challenges associated with shooting in 3D have led to a prolonged shoot and escalating production costs, with some reports saying the budget of the film has already doubled from what was initially planned. 

It appears that the part that is based in Hong Kong has finally been completed, and the production team has now moved to China's Baekdu Mountain (aka Changbai Mountain) to film the Ming Dynasty part, which will include some large scale action scenes in the snow fields. 

Movie stills and production photographs are being released during various stages of the film's production, and they have been compiled into one large photo gallery here for your viewing pleasure.  
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