Exclusive Clip: ICEMAN, Rumble In Da Klub

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Exclusive Clip: ICEMAN, Rumble In Da Klub
I know what you're probably saying to yourself. 'Self, why am I reading about a movie called Iceman when it is still September? I see no ice on the ground where I live in [fill in name of city, state, and/or continent].' 

Here is why you are reading this post: because you want to watch an exclusive clip of Donnie Yen kicking the everlasting daylights out of somebody, whether that butt-kicking takes place outdoors in the snow and ice, or indoors at Da Klub, with Mr. Yen dressed up in his finery, yet still fully capable of flying through the air with the greatest of ease. 

Donnie Yen is a Ming Dynasty palace guard, wrongly accused of murder and hunted by three vengeful brothers. All four are accidentally buried, frozen at the height of battle. 400 years later, they are defrosted and resume their mortal struggle - while also adjusting to modern-day life. 

Law Wing Cheong directed; the film opens in select theaters in the U.S. today (Friday, September 19). Watch the clip below, and then visit the official site for more information.
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