WOLF CREEK 2 Launches Production

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WOLF CREEK 2 Launches Production
Back in 2005 a little Australian horror film titled Wolf Creek became something of an international phenomenon making its villain, John Jarratt, a star in horror circles and launching then-unknown director Greg Mclean into the international market. McLean has been busy more as a producer than a director in the years since - he had a hand in Aussie western Red Hill and recent horror title Crawlspace - with only one directing credit since.

Where has Mclean's energy been going? In great part he's been prepping what you would think was a sure thing, a sequel to the hit that made his name in the first place. But it's been a long and winding road to get Wolf Creek 2 in front of characters, one that has required a good deal of perseverance to weather false starts and behind the scenes wrangling. But that's all done now and Wolf Creek 2 has entered principal photography with Mclean at the controls and Jarratt once again starring. Keep an eye out for more soon.
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