First Teaser For Stephen Chow's JOURNEY TO THE WEST

First Teaser For Stephen Chow's JOURNEY TO THE WEST
After a year of keeping mum from the general public on Journey to the West (西游·降魔篇, Xi You: Xiang Mo Pian), director/writer/producer Stephen Chow finally unveiled the first concept teaser for his fantasy comedy in a press conference held in China today.

In the press conference, Chow says he no longer plays a major role in this film and focused more on the directing aspect of the production. Chow remained tight-lipped on the plot but revealed there is a love story, and his special brand of humor is presented as with all his previous films. Production company Huayi Brothers plans to create the most spectacular domestic special effects film in China that is on-par with Hollywood blockbuster standards. 

Even though shooting was finished since the beginning of last year, there was a long period of post-production at Macrograph that was required to complete a substantially large amount of computer special effects involving creatures, magic and supernatural elements. The concept teaser shown to the press is still a work-in-process and doesn't necessary reflect a finished version. A sequel to continue the ongoing Monkey King saga is definitely on the cards, hence the "Journey - Fell Monsters Chapter" in the literal translated title.

As mentioned before, Derek Kwok (Gallants) is the co-director and the cast includes Shu Qi, Bo Huang, Zhang Wen, Show Luo and Chrissie Chow. The theatrical release date is tentatively during the Spring Festival in 2013. You'll find the minute-long teaser embedded below.
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