PRIMER Director Shane Carruth Preparing UPSTREAM COLOR For November Shoot

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PRIMER Director Shane Carruth Preparing UPSTREAM COLOR For November Shoot

It's taken a while but Primer director Shane Carruth is getting back in the director's chair. While word surfaced last year about his upcoming scifi epic A Topiary that project has proven so large and complex to set up that while the pieces come together - and he assures that they are coming together - Carruth is currently planning to shoot a different feature in November.

Titled Upstream Color little is known about the project beyond that it is being described as a "romance / drama / thriller". The only other information available comes from the casting call notes:

Kris - This is the lead part, and beyond involving a severe haircut change in the film, little is said beyond her being intelligent and plain.

Other main roles include Wesley, a composer in his 50s who is also a farmer, as well as Evan, a guy who works in a record shop and sounds a bit like a psychopath.

There are a few secondary roles up for grabs as well: two 12 year olds from the inner city, along with 16-year old name Phoebe and her grandmother Elise, who are described as being very similar souls.

We'll be tracking this as closely as possible, so keep an eye open.

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