Get Behind The Scenes Of Benny Chan's SHAOLIN

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Get Behind The Scenes Of Benny Chan's SHAOLIN
With less than a month til the premiere of Benny Chan's martial arts film Shaolin, a series of eight making-of videos, each running at 2-minutes in length has been uploaded on Youtube, courtesy of Golden Village.  As mention before, the cast include Andy Lau, Nicolas Tse, Fan Bing Bing, Wu Jing, Xiong Xin Xin, Xing Yu and a special cameo appearance by Jackie Chan.  Corey Yuen, along with Yuen Tak and Nicky Li serves as the action choreographer.

The Hong Kong theatrical release date is on January 27th.  You'll find the eight featurettes (No English subtitles) embedded below.
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rage72January 13, 2011 6:48 PM

Before it's all said and done, Wu Jing will be one of the all time greatest martial arts stars in the world!