Best Worst Movie and Troll 2 Hit Canadian Rep Cinemas Tomorrow!

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Best Worst Movie and Troll 2 Hit Canadian Rep Cinemas Tomorrow!
Troll 2 is that rare bad movie that transcends its ineptitude and becomes something sublime. Best Worst Movie is that rare documentary that sets out to ruminate on one subject, in this case Troll 2, but ends up engaging with far weightier meditations. Director and Troll 2 child-star Michael Paul Stephenson could have easily made Best Worst Movie as a nostalgia trip that just recapitulated the fun to be had at the expense of Troll 2, but the film's focus on a dentist's rise to cult stardom and a director's realization that people are celebrating his work only to mock it, conjure something far more compelling. This is one of the funniest, saddest, and most endearing documentaries about movies since American Movie.

Both are playing as double bills tomorrow (Oct. 29th) across Canada and are having a full weekend run at some of those venues. Regardless if you are a Troll 2, if you are a film fan, seek these screenings out.

Here's the official release from Union Pictures:

Coming just in time for Halloween, fans will once again have the opportunity to enjoy the critically acclaimed feature documentary BEST WORST MOVIE and the cult classic TROLL 2 back to back, on the big screen. After a successful run at Cineplex Entertainment theatres across Canada on October 7, the films will continue to enchant audiences nationally in the independent theatres, including The Royal (Toronto), Plaza Theatre (Calgary), Metro Cinema (Edmonton), Cincecenta (Victoria), Broadyway (Saskatoon), Mayfair Theatre (Ottawa). For Complete list of dates and venue, visit

And if you can't make those screenings, Best Worst Movie hits DVD on Nov. 16th. Troll 2 is already out there - on Blu-Ray no less!
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