Breast Swords! Rocket Hands! Ass Saw! Take A Gander At Yoshihiro Nishimura's Renegade 'Splatter Trailer' For MUTANT GIRLS SQUAD!

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Breast Swords! Rocket Hands! Ass Saw! Take A Gander At Yoshihiro Nishimura's Renegade 'Splatter Trailer' For MUTANT GIRLS SQUAD!
Freshly released in Japan, the three part cult feature Mutant Girls Squad - soon to receive it's International Premiere at the New York Asian Film Festival - features fresh directorial work from three of the biggest names in Japan's cult film scene with Noboru Iguchi (Machine Girl), Yoshihiro Nishimura (Tokyo Gore Police) and Tak Sakaguchi (the star of Versus) each directing one third of the story.

While I'm not going to get into a full review just yet I will say that I've had the chance to see it and that while Nishimura and Iguchi deliver exactly what you'd expect from them - and loads of it, to great effect - the big surprise here is just how far Sakaguchi has advanced as a director. Not to slight Iguchi or Nishimura - who both turn in wildly entertaining work - but this film is going to be Sakaguchi's coming out party as a director. His segment is loaded with stellar, long take action sequences that take obvious style cues from 1970s cult classics like Lady Snowblood, with the obvious exception being that his leading lady fights with a robot hand rather than a sword. The camera work is kinetic yet incredibly well framed to show off the action, the choreography inventive, the performances - both action and dramatic - strong and, hell, even the gags all work. After doing middling directorial work on Be A Man Samurai School and significantly less than middling on Yoroi Samurai Zombie, Sakaguchi has suddenly taken a huge step forward and become a legitimate force. I want more from him and I want it now.

But enough of that. You came in with the promise of splatter and splatter I shall deliver. We've got a pair of videos for you here. Up first is the official Toei Video trailer for the film. We've run this before but we have a new, higher quality version now that also includes English subtitles. And then the real treat. Before Toei cut their trailer director Yoshihiro Nishimura cut his own renegade 'Splatter Trailer' for the film. If you know Nishimura's work, you know what to expect. Crazy makeup and gore effects and a veritable lake of blood. Nishimura was not allowed to show his version of the trailer prior to the Japanese release of the film but we've got you first look at it now.

As a general rule if you're trying to figure out who did what in these trailers: The group training shots are Iguchi, pretty much everything involving Yumi Sugimoto fighting outside is Sakaguchi, and the bigger the blood spray the better chance it came from Nishimura.
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