First Look At Six Character Teasers From Yuen Woo-Ping's TRUE LEGEND!

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First Look At Six Character Teasers From Yuen Woo-Ping's TRUE LEGEND!
By this point Yuen Woo-Ping's True Legend should need no introduction.  A return to the director's chair after more than a decade long absence for the legendary fight choreographer, True Legend is a fusion of the old and new.  The story is based on a classic figure from martial arts folklore - Beggar Su - the cast a blend of classic stars - Gordon Liu and Michelle Yeoh - and new school - Jay Chou and MMA fighter Cung Le.  And, perhaps of the most interest, Yuen here fuses classic Hong Kong fight styles with 3D photography.  Yes, True Legend is a full-on 3D fight film. 

We ran the first proper trailer for this a week or so back and now we're proud to be the first to bring you a set of six impressive character teasers.  Each of these focuses on some different character in the picture - the first dedicated to Yuen himself, appropriately enough - and each showcasing some element of the 3D work.  There is some truly incredible stuff in these ... the tunnel jumping in the first one particularly impresses.  I can't figure out any way they could have gotten that shot other than actually doing it unassisted but I just don't see how that's physically possible.  Check them out below!
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