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SXSW 2019 Review: BELLINGCAT - TRUTH IN A POST-TRUTH WORLD, A Gripping Look at a Powerful Form of Internet Journalism

Professional journalism is in crisis mode. Major consolidation, cost-cutting, and technology shifts are leading to less outlets, less job opportunities, and less coverage of important issues. In this changing landscape, new models built around the unique capabilities of the Internet...

Review: In RISK, Laura Poitras Takes Risks in Exposing Assange And Wikileaks

6 years in the making, Risk tries to keep up with whirlwind of information, highlighting Poitras's unprecedented access into wikileaks and Assange as many events around the world were unfolding.

Review: THE FIFTH ESTATE Showcases Benedict Cumberbatch And Little Else

The real draw for The Fifth Estate isn't the drama surrounding it but the enticing and almost albino-like visage of Benedict Cumberbatch railing in an Aussie accent about truth, justice, and the "mainstream media". If casting accomplishes much of the...