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Friday One Sheet: LIMBO

The pull quotes filling the open sky here say as much about the film as they do about Australian Carnival Studio's design ethos for the film's key art. Ivan Sen's striking, monochrome new cold case, outback noir Limbo is a...

Review: HIGH GROUND, Shoot First, Regret Later

Simon Baker, Jacob Junior Nayinggul, and Jack Thompson star in a spellbinding historic action adventure from Australia, directed by Stephen Maxwell Johnson.

Review: I GIVE IT A YEAR, Romantic Comedy Brashly Turned On Its Ear

Effortlessly emerging from an ocean of belabored romantic comedies, I Give It A Year is a breath of fresh air; it's brash, witty, and insightful. On paper, Dan Mazer's script sounds stereotypical and schematic: a couple rush into marriage, experience...