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Review: THE GREATEST BEER RUN EVER, A Lesson in Timeliness

Zac Efron stars in a Vietnam War comedy from director Peter Farrelly that strains to be taken seriously, streaming on Apple TV+.

Review: GREEN BOOK Delivers Familiar Bromides With Fresh Brio

Delivering familiar bromides with fresh brio, Green Book is an altogether pleasant and very entertaining trip back in time that is more relevant than ever. More than anything else in the career of director Peter Farrelly, it reminds me of...

Review: MOVIE 43 Asks the God of Comedy, "Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me?"

Movie 43 really is an irredeemable experience. As you leave the cinema, you may curse the heavens and cry out, "Why?! Why, oh why, Comedy, did you allow yourself to be violated by the flaccid members of unoriginal, conventional and...