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Review: JUPITER'S LEGACY, Every Superhero Wants To Rule The World

Josh Duhamel, Ben Daniels and Leslie Bibb star in the action-adventure series, now streaming on Netflix.

Review: GO BACK TO CHINA, Clearly Personal, Heartfelt, and Finely Crafted

Poor Sasha Li can’t catch a break. That may be an odd thing to say about a young woman who’s being kept financially afloat by a million dollar trust fund given to her by her father, which she’s already blown half of by her early 20’s. But...

Now Streaming: MY VALENTINE, Breaking Hearts, Telling Truths, Stabbing People

Britt Baron, Anna Lore, Benedict Samuel and Anna Akana star, as writer-director Maggie Levin gets to the heart of an abusive relationship in the latest entry of Blumhouse Television's Into the Dark series on Hulu.

GO BACK TO CHINA Trailer: Are You Excited?

It's only a movie, but what a good time to watch "a winning comedy-drama of cultural differences and complicated family dynamics"! As described by our own Christopher Bourne in his review, writer/director Emily Ting's sophomore feature Go Back to China...

Asian American International 2019 Review: GO BACK TO CHINA, An Endearing, Brightly Colored Comedy-Drama About Family And Cultural Clashes

Writer-director Emily Ting's second feature, starring Anna Akana, Lynn Chen, Richard Ng, Kelly Hu, and Kendy Cheung, slyly subverts the racial epithet of its title to deliver a winning comedy-drama of cultural differences and complicated family dynamics.