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Review: BULLET TRAIN, Tarantinoesque Thrills Mix With John Wickian Action to Middling, Modest Results

With a generic title like Bullet Train, it’s fair to assume that all or mostly all of the action in film called Bullet Train will either unfold on a said bullet train (Shinkansen) or a bullet train will play a...

Review: SNAKE EYES: G.I. JOE ORIGINS, Convoluted Plotting, Franchise Expectations Sink Reboot

Henry Golding, Andrew Koji and Iko Uwais star in the action adventure, directed by Robert Schwentke.

Andrew Koji Talks Cinemax's New Martial Arts Series WARRIOR

Recently I discussed Cinemax's Warrior with Andrew Koji, who stars as the main character Ah Sahm in the show. The series premieres April 5th on Cinemax; it is based on the writings of Bruce Lee and is officially sanctioned by...