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FICUNAM 2023: Program Highlights Include Albert Serra Retrospective, Venice Winner SAINT OMER

FICUNAM has been revealing the program of its upcoming 13th edition, set to take place in Mexico City from June 1 to 11. Highlights so far include a couple of retrospectives, one dedicated to Spanish auteur and showman Albert Serra,...

PACIFICTION Review: Party All Night With the Devil in Tahiti

Directed by Albert Serra, the film stars Benoît Magimel, Sergi López, Pahoa Mahagafanau, Cécile Guilbert, and Matahi Pambrun.

PACIFICTION Interview: Director Albert Serra Talks Creating Fascinating Images

"I put myself in the position that I don't have anything to say. I am here to create the most fascinating images possible."

Toronto 2022 Review: PACIFICTION, Paranoia and Politics Play in Polynesia

“This is my office, and it is always trying to kill me,” pontificates the High Commissioner, a man named De Roller, as he grandstands, slinks, and politics though his duties in Albert Serra’s paranoid, sun dappled enigma. If only our...

New York 2019 Review: Night of Sexual Indulgence in Albert Serra's LIBERTÉ

Like most of Serra's work, there is a hint of parody in these shenanigans. I mean, it's actors in wigs stroking themselves in the woods in a movie called 'freedom'. I think with Liberté, Serra reached the new height in his formalist approach to costume dramas.

Review: THE DEATH OF LOUIS XIV, Grisly Business, Even for the King of France

Death is a grisly business. It comes to all of us. Even if you happen to be the King of France, who's been reigning for 72 years. All the documented evidence indicates Louis XIV died of gangrene on his leg...

Interview: Albert Serra Talks THE DEATH OF LOUIS XIV, Jean-Pierre Léaud, and His Beautiful Method

Serra is batshit crazy. Once he starts talking, there is no stopping him. As an admirer of his singular artistry, it was a pleasure talking to him at length, even though he did most of the talking.

New York 2016 Review: In Albert Serra's THE DEATH OF LOUIS XIV, Irony is Not Lost

The irony of the king's death is heightened by it's straightforward presentation and procedural approach. The Death of Louis XIV is a very singular formalist filmmaking in its highest order.

Interview: Albert Serra Reflects On His Feelings About STORY OF MY DEATH

During the Viennale I sat down with Albert Serra, whose Story of My Death recently won the Golden Leopard at the Locarno Film Festival. Due to the fact that one can easily find comments of the director about his working...

Viennale 2013 Review: STORY OF MY DEATH Is One Of The Most Realistic Fantasy Films Ever Made

In a feverish childhood dream one might imagine what it would be like if Casanova met Dracula. Albert Serra made this meeting a filmic reality in his Story of My Death that won the Golden Leopard in Locarno and was...