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Review: THOSE WHO REMAINED, A Lyrical Holocaust Drama, Spared of Graphic Violence

Debuting Hungarian director Barnabás Tóth approaches the topic of Holocaust survival from a less bloody angle, without depreciating the severity of WWII events.

Now Streaming: FOUR HANDS, Exacting Vengeance Swirls Out of Control

Frida-Lovisa Hamann and Friederike Becht star in writer/director Oliver Kienle's tricky psychological thriller.

Review: WEATHERING WITH YOU Takes Flight Into the Fantastical

Shinkai Makoto's followup to the smash-hit 'Your Name' takes an even more fantastical approach to a coming-of-age tale.

Blu-ray Review: LOCAL HERO Arrives on Criterion Blu-ray, A Cynical Delight

Is it the old-world Scottish charm? The delightfully murky eco-morality of it all?  The chance to see Burt Lancaster acting all weird? What exactly is it that makes Bill Forsyth’s sublime 1983 film Local Hero click?   The charm of it is almost as...

Shivers 2019 Review: FEHÉRLÓFIA Provides Mythical Psychedelic Visions

The Shivers Film Festival in the German city of Konstanz can pride itself with a killer line-up of new films each year, but the roster always also contains the odd classic or two. This year, Ridley Scott's seminal Alien got...

Blu-ray Review: Langella Hypnotizes in DRACULA 1979

I don't know the numbers, but Bram Stoker's book Dracula has been adapted quite a bit into theatrical productions, TV series, and movies. The property is up there with Sherlock Holmes, Pride and Predjudice, and The Three Musketeers as one of the most popular...

Review: CATS. Cats? CATS????? CATS?!?!?! Cats.

As I watched Cats, the feature film adaptation of the wildly popular musical, I tried to imagine T.S. Eliot sitting next to me, possibly watching as I was, mouth slightly open, head slightly cocked, trying to figure out what exactly...

Kolkata 2019 Review: DEVI AUR HERO, A Feminist Revenge Tale With A Twist

Up and coming Indian filmmaker Aditya Kripalani has carved out an interesting niche for himself in his short but prolific career behind the camera. At first a novelist, in 2017 he turned to filmmaking by adapting his own novel, Tikli...

Review: BLACK CHRISTMAS, Ass-Kicking Horror Heroines for a New Generation

I wish I could explain to people how exhausting it is sometimes to be a woman. To know how much we have to explain and justify our very existence. How everything we say or do is met with scepticism at...

Review: Terrence Malick's A HIDDEN LIFE Beguiles and Begets

Drawn from real-life, Terrence Malick directs a gorgeous film in his own inimitable style.

Blu-ray Review: UNTIL THE END OF THE WORLD Marks The End Of A Movie Decade

A 1991 film about 1999 feels exactly right in 2019, as we round out a decade in which film changed -- and died -- and will live -- forever.

Review: EN BRAZOS DE UN ASESINO, Hold Tight, This Won't Last Long

William Levy and Alicia Sanz star in a romantic, Spanish-language action picture, directed by Matías Moltrasio.

Review: LITTLE JOE, Plants Are Smarter Than They Look

If I Lost My Body presents happiness as a hard-won emotion and the search for wholeness as a potentially lifelong struggle then, by comparison, Jessica Hausner’s Palme d’Or contender [at the Cannes Film Festival] Little Joe questions how far we might...

Review: THE TOKOLOSHE, South African Monster Haunts the Lonely

I'm fascinated by other cultures' mythologies of monsters: the boogeymen, the witches, demons of the air and sea, whatever lurks in the closets or under the beds or in the forests and byways to haunt and harm. According to the...

Shivers 2019 Review: WHY DON'T YOU JUST DIE!, A Wild, Violent Russian Roller Coaster Ride

Evil cannot touch me... This is the mantra of our poor, clueless hero, Matvey (Aleksandr Kuznetsov) as he prepares to enter the home of his girlfriend's family in director Kirill Sokolov's violent, kinetic action explosion, Why Don't You Just Die!...

Blu-ray Review: ROAD GAMES Drives Too Slow

Out this month from Scream Factory, Shout! Factory's horror/thriller imprint, comes the 1981 Australian thriller, Road Games. This collector's edition features a ton of bonus interviews and a colorful poster with some pretty rad art --- that is, if you order soon...

Review: KNIVES OUT, Masterful Whodunit & Political Satire

Daniel Craig leads an all-star cast in Rian Johnson's love letter to Classic Mysteries

Now Streaming: NEKROTRONIC, Funny, Gory, Sexy, Exciting

The Roache-Turner brothers return with evil demons, more color And just enough gore on Shudder.

Blu-ray Review: Fassbinder's BRD Trilogy Serves as a Brilliant, Ongoing Warning

As advertised, Germany’s “economic miracle” (translated from the native term “Wirtschaftswunder”) of the postwar era was something of an unforeseen godsend. In a short time, the defeated, decimated country saw a sharp spike in prosperity and wealth. The scars of...

Morbido 2019 Review: RENDEZ-VOUS, A Strong Single-Take Thriller From Mexico

Lili is excited and nervous about her date with Eduardo. She me him on an online dating service app. The night starts a little rocky at first, Eduardo is half an hour late and not answering his phone. He finally...