International Reviews

Cannes 2024 Review: THE SURFER Rides the Wave of Nicolas Cage Gonzo Midnight Flicks

The actor-producer undergoes another full meltdown in captivating Australia-set curio.

Cannes 2024 Review: MOST PEOPLE DIE ON SUNDAYS, Affecting Funeral Drama Marred By Slow Pace

Personal, vaguely auto-fictional stories are de rigueur for first-time filmmakers, especially actors turning directors.Iair Said, seen in last year’s The Delinquents, makes an undistinguished debut after trying his hand at a couple of shorts.   Increasingly, subjects of coming-of-age tales...

Cannes 2024 Review: HOLY COW, French Cheese-Making Dramedy Is a Finely Crafted Debut Feature

Louise Courvoisier directed. A brash young man is humbled by provincial life.

BACK TO BLACK Review: Amy Winehouse Gets the Conventional Biopic Treatment

Marisa Abela stars in the music-themed drama, directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson.

COMA Review: Dealing with Lockdown, An Isolated Fever Dream

Bertrand Bonello wrote and directed; Louise Labeque and Julia Faure star.

Hot Docs 2024 Review: IMMORTALS Follows Iraqi Youth on the Frontlines

Swiss director Maja Tschumi presents a compelling exploration of the lives of Iraq's youth navigating the post-US invasion landscape, through the lens of the pivotal 2019 October Revolution.

Cannes 2024 Review: TWILIGHT OF THE WARRIORS: WALLED IN, Hong Kong's Nostaglia-Fuelled Gangland Throwdown

Since it was first announced back in 2013, the nostalgia-fuelled martial arts epic set within the labyrinthine back alleys of Kowloon Walled City has nurtured a mythical status to rival the notorious neighbourhood itself. Development of the project dates back...

TIME OF THE HEATHEN Review: Lost Indie Feature Showcases a Bleak Post-WWII America

It's safe to say that the post-WWII years were not as good as many people had claimed for many years. Despite propaganda lauding those years as a time of prosperity and success for all, it didn't take long for that...

FOIL Review: Finding Aliens and Restoring Friendships in the Wilderness

Like many who think they are leaving their hometown behind in a cloud of dust, Dexter (Zach Green) has found himself returning, somewhat with his proverbial tail between his legs. His big dreams of a indie film career in Hollywood...

Now Streaming: GOLD RUN, Norwegians vs Nazis, Never Give Up

Jon Øigarden, Sven Nordin, Axel Bøyum, Thorbjørn Harr, and Ida Elise Broch star in the thriller, directed by Hallvard Bræin, now streaming on Viaplay.

Now Streaming: BÖRJE - THE JOURNEY OF A LEGEND, Revenge By Triumph

Valter Skarsgård, Hedda Stiernstedt, and Jason Priestley star in the limited series, now streaming on Viaplay.

EVIL DOES NOT EXIST Review: Bold, Chilling, Ominous, From Ryusuke Hamaguchi

'Drive My Car' director Ryusuke Hamaguchi heads in a new direction with his latest film.

SHARDLAKE Review: Secrets and Fears in Not So Merry Old England

Arthur Hughes, Anthony Boyle, and Sean Bean star in the murder-mystery series, set in England's Tudor Era, premiering Wednesday, May 1, on Hulu, Star+, and Disney+.

Calgary Underground 2024 Review: CUCKOO, Delightfully Analog Sensory Overload

Two characters, having barely survived a traumatic and violent ordeal at a hospital, try to leave, only to find the doors locked. But wait, it is one of those situations where one door is locked but the other one works...

Udine 2024 Review: THEIR LAST LOVE AFFAIR, Lee Myung-se's Daring and Dazzling Tale of Illicit Romance

This year's Far East Film Festival is screening a large number of South Korean classics, including a full program dedicated to the country's fascinating 1950s output, such as Park Nam-ok's progressive drama The Widow, the first Korean film ever directed...

Udine 2024 Review: 12.12: THE DAY, Riveting Drama Brings Dark Episode of Korean History Into the Light

One of the final dark closets of modern Korean history gets thrown wide open in Kim Sung-soo's riveting historical drama 12.12: The Day. The film dramatises the coup d'état that took place in the wake of the assassination of President...

Udine 2024 Review: THE ROUNDUP: PUNISHMENT Wins One More Round in a Franchise Clinging to the Ropes

It’s Beast Cop vs Bitcoin in the fourth instalment of Ma Dong-seok’s enduringly popular Roundup action franchise, as his hulking detective goes toe-to-toe with a tech-savvy crime syndicate looking to expand into crypto. Helmed by action director Heo Myeong-haeng, Ma’s...

Udine 2024 Review: CITIZEN OF A KIND, A New Kind of Hero Rises in Delightful Female-Centric Vigilante Drama

If its films and dramas are to be believed, South Korea is a land teeming with vigilantes. They are typically brooding, sharply dressed and very attractive characters with dark pasts who mete out justice with brute strength or elaborate schemes,...

Now Streaming: CITY HUNTER, Lighthearted Fanservice Adventure, Swamped By Blood

Ryohei Suzuki and Misato Morita star in the Netflix Original film, based on Tsukasa Hojo's manga series.


While ennui and angst are common to many generations, I can imagine it could be much more accute among millenials - anything that might have been considered a 'normal' life gave up the ghost before they came of age. They're...