Crowdfund This: BOUTIQUE, New Doc Chronicles The Rise of Specialty Distributors

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Crowdfund This: BOUTIQUE, New Doc Chronicles The Rise of Specialty Distributors
Physical media is not dead. 
There are serious physical media collectors among us who would scoff at the notion that no one buys movies on DVD and Blu-ray any more. They are the collecters of films obscure and common, recent titles popular among the masses and titles thought long lost to the sands of time. They seemingly put new mortages on their homes and forfeit child college savings accounts to afford the explosion of limited editions, special editions and 4Ks coming out every week. There is definitely a boom happening in physical media releases these days and cinephiles could not be happier for it. 
Some of our Anarchists immediately come to mind when it comes to this topic. Ard has been a constant with his Pretty Packaging articles and Josh and James are always sharing new releases in all makes and manners on their socials. They will be very interested in this crowdfunding campaign for a new documentary from our friend Ry Levey called Boutique
Levey, the director of the award winning documentary Out In The Ring, has turned his attention to this boom in physical media releases, looking to specialty distribution labels like Vinegar Syndrome and Severin Films for example. Levey will interview distributors, filmmakers, actors and writers for this project. 
"... my follow-up feature doc to my multi-award winning film Out In The Ring, is the documentary Boutique, a look at the global rise of specialty bluray labels and their role in film restoration, preservation and renewing interest in film collecting through the release of forgotten classics, overlooked gems and cinematic curios from all corners of the planet". 
Please consider contributing to this project. The crowdfunding campaign can be found here.
Boutique chronicles the recent burgeoning Blu-ray collectible renaissance and the rising number of specialty distribution labels worldwide, creating an increased demand for long-lost cinema obscurities to classic cinematic landmarks. In addition, these companies endeavor to rescue and restore films, bringing back to the forefront underappreciated artists and overlooked and forgotten works to the masses.
Featuring interviews with filmmakers and the stars of the films, alongside the company representatives lovingly rescuing, restoring, and releasing the work, plus those historians who gloriously provide commentary tracks and extras packaged with the releases, as well as fans, collectors, and industry experts. Boutique is a joyous documentary love letter to cinephilia.
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