Friday One Sheet: ME YOU MADNESS

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Friday One Sheet: ME YOU MADNESS

This key art for Louise Linton's high-camp bisexual thriller, Me You Madness, has all the brash hallmarks of 'stuff I like' in a poster:  Super saturated colour, minimal design elements, pink and neon, and unabashed absurdity.

The lime green squirt gun (which appears to be a last minute addition to the poster, considering this early design), the aquarium-print dress (and matching coral earrings) and the incongruent aviator shades on her battered face contrasted with the half-smile. It is in your face, all right.

However, it is not at all any kind of button-pushing stuff, and more along the lines of farcical fantasy. Maybe we need more of this after such an unstable year in the industry, and around the world.


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