TetroVideo Announces DVD Releases of Extreme Flicks DELIRIO And CARCINOMA

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TetroVideo Announces DVD Releases of Extreme Flicks DELIRIO And CARCINOMA
TetroVideo is relatively new outfit over in the UK hell bent on distributing extreme and challenging horror cinema. Releasing independant horror cinema in limited releases of 100 copies on all-region DVD they're bound to have something for all you extreme horror fans around the World. 
We have been asked to keep you up to date on current releases so let's start with November. TetroVideo will be releasing our friend Patrico Valladares' 2009 film Deliero (La Creacion) and Marian Dora's 2014 film Carcinoma
Both titles will be available for pre-order on November 16th. We have included trailer for both titles below. The nature of these releases suggests that the trailers would be NSFW. Take caution where necessary. 
Delirio by Patricio Valladares and Carcinoma by Marian Dora
Release: November 16, 2020
TetroVideo is proud to present DELIRIO and CARCINOMA, the extreme films directed by Patricio Valladares and Marian Dora coming to DVD November 16.
Patricio Valladares is known for directing the extreme horror film Dirty Love (2009) and the rape revenge Hidden in the Woods (2012), while Marian Dora is the director of Cannibal (2006), one of the most disturbing films ever made and it's based on the true story of Armin Meiwes, known as the Rotenburg Cannibal.
Delirio and Carcinoma will be released on DVD by TetroVideo on 16th November.
They come in a Ultralimited and numbered edition of 100 copies with Bookbox including: the DVD, a double-sided poster and two collector cards.
DELIRIO aka La Creación (Chile - 2009)
Synopsis: After a nuclear attack, a magician takes shelter in a forest with his assistant to complete his biggest magic trick to date, The Creation, a trick that requires that you do some of the most inhumane things known to man.
Director: Patricio Valladares
Writers: Andrea Cavaletto, Patricio Valladares
Cast: Evelyn Belmar, Yuri Caceres, Paulina Facuse
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: Italian, French, English, German
Extras: "Departyd" (short film); Photo gallery; Original trailer
CARCINOMA (Germany - 2014)
Synopsis: A man diagnosed with colorectal cancer refuses treatment and establishes a carnal fixation on the tumor that slowly consumes him. Carcinoma explores the vast array of emotions and mental states that accompany the diagnosis of terminal illness.
Director: Marian Dora
Writer: Marian Dora
Cast: Ulli Lommel, Thomas Goersch, Carina Palmer
Language: German
Subtitles: Italian, French, English
Extras: "Vita Minima" (short film); Photo gallery; Original trailer

DELIRIO (aka LA CREACION) - trailer from TetroVideo on Vimeo.

Carcinoma - Trailer from TetroVideo on Vimeo.

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