A MAN OF REASON (보호자): Korean Action Drama In Theaters on July 5th And on VOD on July 9th

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A MAN OF REASON (보호자): Korean Action Drama In Theaters on July 5th And on VOD on July 9th
Epic Pictures is releasing Jung Woo-sung's Korean action flick, Epic Pictures is releasing Jung Woo-sung's Korean action flick, and debut feature film, A Man of Reason (보호자), in Theaters on July 5th and On Demand on July 9th. A trailer was passed along which we have shared for you down below. 
Epic Pictures, the L.A.-based distribution and financing company announced today the acquisition of A MAN OF REASON from Acemaker Movie works. The film is written and directed by Jung Woo-sung in his feature directorial debut. Woo-sung is also featured in the leading role with supporting cast including Kim Nam-gil (The Fiery Priest), Park Sung-woong (The Killing Vote), Kim Jun-han (Hospital Playlist), Park You-na (Hotel Del Luna) and Lee Elijah (The Good Detective). A MAN OF REASON will release in limited theatrical release on July 5th and on VOD on July 9th.
After spending a decade in prison, a hitman learns that he has a daughter and just wants a chance at a normal life. But his former mob boss wants him back at any cost, sending merciless assassins after him.
“We are beyond excited to bring Jung Woo-sung’s dynamic film to audiences in North America. A Man of Reason features intense action sequences, masterful choreography, and riveting storyline set a new standard for the genre. We are confident that viewers will be on the edge of their seats, and we can't wait to share this electrifying experience with fans everywhere,” said Epic Pictures CEO and owner Patrick Ewald.
A MAN OF REASON is an action film, but it's not solely focused on action like movies. It is a film that shows the action as a means to reveal the characters' motivations and the narrative. JUNG Woo-sung showcases action with purpose, accompanied by guilt, remorse, and an unwavering determination, all depicted through expressions that resonate with the audience, offering a fresh new world once again,” said Acemaker Movieworks
For over 20 years, Jung Woo-sun has left a lasting impression on Korean audiences with films that represent an era, transcending generations. From the youthful BEAT, the iconic buddy movie CITY OF THE RISING SUN, the deeply touching A MOMENT TO REMEMBER, the unique fusion of Western genre and action in THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE WEIRD, the riveting portrayal in STEEL RAIN that made him more than just an enemy from the North, to the depiction of legal ethics and human struggles in INNOCENT WITNESS, and the coexistence of patriotism and beliefs in HUNT. Jung Woo-sung that audiences remember approached them not only with his charisma but with the face of a real "person" hidden behind that charisma.
And now, in A MAN OF REASON, Jung Woo-sung showcases his extensive “know-how” and broad "vision" accumulated on set as a seasoned actor, in his first directorial endeavor. As both director and lead actor in A MAN OF REASON, he has imprinted his signature on every aspect, from "Ready-Action-Cut-Okay" to all the stages of filmmaking, in front of and behind the camera, acting and directing, pre-production, and post-production. As a rookie director, Jung Woo-sung offered guidance that his fellow actors could easily grasp, drawing on the expertise he acquired as an actor. With the passion and skill of a true veteran, having spent a long time on the Korean film scene, he aimed to bring out the best from the crew. A MAN OF REASON is Jung Woo-sung's 30th film as an accomplished actor and his first film as a talented director.

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