Check Out The Award-Winning LILI In Full, Online And Free!

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Check Out The Award-Winning LILI In Full, Online And Free!
We are big fans here of Dutch director Yfke van Berckelaer's short film Lili. And we're not the only ones: since its appearance at festivals a year ago, the short has been making a victory lap around the world, picking up awards all over the place for its direction and its star Lisa Smit.

And the good news is: thanks to horror short network ALTER, all eight-and-a-half minutes of Lili can now be seen for free online by clicking the link below.

In my review, I said this about the story:
Basically what we get to see is an actress during an audition, doing the same line-reading over and over again, following the instructions of a mostly off-screen director (acting veteran Derek de Lint). At the beginning everything is nice and fine, but... well, you're never more powerless than when you apply for a job, and we all know the stories about what happens during auditions, right?
And that is all you need to know going in...
But don't just take our word for it: check for yourself.
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