Now on VOD: WALKAWAY JOE, Check the Pool Halls for Daddy

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Now on VOD: WALKAWAY JOE, Check the Pool Halls for Daddy

In Walkaway Joe, a young boy searches for his father in pool halls across the country, which makes me very glad that my father came home every day from his job and lay down on the couch in the living room, not to be disturbed until dinnertime.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan plays the father, so I'm guessing that his spirit will loom large in his son's quest for closure and/or reconciliation. (Julian Feder stars as the son.) Morgan is very good at looming, so that bodes well for the film. Even better, the great David Strathairn portrays "a wandering loner hiding from his past," according to the official synopsis, which kinda makes him sound like a Samurai, doesn't it?

The trailer fails to show Mr. Strathairn wielding a samurai sword, however, which may represent a missed opportunity and/or suggest that the film has more on its mind than any kind of brutal action. Watch the trailer below (possibly again, since we posted this before) and judge for yourself if you will join me and other Strathairn fans in basking in the glow reflecting from his presence.

Tom Wright directed. Walkaway Joe will be available On Demand and Digital on Friday, May 8, 2020. Check out a few official stills below as well (click to embiggen).

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