Friday One Sheet: A HIDDEN LIFE

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Friday One Sheet:  A HIDDEN LIFE

You are always guaranteed a great poster for the films of Terrence Malick. A Hidden Life premiered at Cannes in May, but here is a teaser poster for its Toronto International Film Festival screening.

Set in World War II, and focusing on a German man who refuses to fight for the Nazis, this poster instead focuses on love and contact. An embrace which extended beyond the frame. The texture of the clothing, and the touch of a man's hand in the tender embrace of a girl is rendered entirely in earthy brown tones.

The title car is squarely in the middle, but also on the mans hand to further focus on the centrepiece of the key art. The Festival laurels and credit block are discreetly tucked away at the bottom. The director's credit is printed on the shoulder which draws the eye up to the 'hidden,' cropped, face, which still offers a subtle smile.


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