Friday One Sheet: Skinny Teaser for BLACK CHRISTMAS

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Friday One Sheet: Skinny Teaser for BLACK CHRISTMAS

It is a trick of the eyes that this teaser poster for (another) remake of iconic Slasher picture, Black Christmas, looks longer than your usual 24x36". It is all the BLACK, negative space.

While this design is not going to win any fancy awards, it is certainly workmanlike in conveying 'Christmas' and 'Stabby' in a single, image using only red, white and black.  (The key art for the original film, and the 2006 remake, favoured a fair bit of green in their designs.)

The below, uncluttered, design is more reminiscent of a book cover than a movie poster. But, there at the bottom, are the Blumhouse and Universal logos and a release date.

Mentioning Friday the 13th via release date is a curious design element. I suppose people, particularly this films key demographic, still associate the American slasher film with its two biggest franchises, Halloween (also mentioned here) and the Jason Voorhees collection of films, both no stranger to remakes, and both, by sheer number of entries, edging into James Bond territory.


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