Friday One Sheet: IN FABRIC Catalogue Quad

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Friday One Sheet: IN FABRIC Catalogue Quad

With its faded early 1970s colours, and torn pages, the Quad-Style poster for Peter Strickland's In Fabric is on brand. The film itself has vast, deep elements of catalogue page fetishization, layout, and advertisement of a bygone era of British retail.

A nice touch is the jagged shear cut between the image, the Q&A tour, and the credit block below. Speaking of which, it is rare these days to have this much small text on a movie poster, and rarer still to have a speaking tour with a release of the film.

But all of these elements fit together nicely in this key art package. There is even an 'entry' on the dress style that mentions Denly & Saper's, the demonic department store at the centre of the film.



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