Friday One Sheet: HIGH LIFE Essays Biology in Space

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Friday One Sheet:  HIGH LIFE Essays Biology in Space

Thus far, 2019 has been the year of Green. While two weeks hardly make a trend, it cannot be understated how underused green is in movie key art. Here is the poster for Claire Denis's 'sex-ain't-sexy' space drama, High Life, in which Robert Pattinson is raising a child on an abandoned space-ship cum laboratory (pun intended). We witness the results of an experiment using convicts to study reproduction and sterility in deep space exploration has gone awry.  (This is somewhat serendipitous in light of the news that the Chinese Goverment has both put the first plant on the moon, and it died within 24 hours.)

So biology and event horizons are on the brain with this one.

Highlife is a juxtaposition of opposites, expressed in the poster with incongruity of an infant's naked arm, and a space-man's full (here textures of textiles and metal) suit. Also with the verdant gardens and hint of 'beginnings' with the tagline, "Oblivion Awaits."

A24 and P+A Design have outdone themselves with this one.


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