Friday One Sheet: GRETA

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Friday One Sheet: GRETA

The teaser poster for Neil Jordan's latest thriller, Greta, is going the 'book cover' route in terms of design. That is to say, using icons, the fish hook and the work briefcase. The background is painted with a bold yellow tone, a colour that generally screams 'indie drama.' However, if you look closer you will see that the yellow is actually running and distorted, which perhaps recodes it perhaps as 'dark indie drama.'

Offkilter drama has, more or less, been the staple of Jordan's eccentric cinematic oeuvre. Albeit the design company, one of my favourites, B O N D, have deigned not to include the director's name in the composition. Maybe it is a quirk or a happy accident, but the shadow of the brief case underscores the March release date.

No credit block here (a hallmark of a teaser poster), the text of the poster highlights an interesting pairing-up of actors: The iconic Isabelle Hubbert and the ubiquitous Chloe-Grace Moretz, who at this point in her young career is far from a lightweight. It also has a great double-entendre/reverse- psychology tagline, "Don't take the bait" which is nicely bifurcated by the fishing line.

I heard mixed things about Greta when it played at TIFF this year (aka The Widow), but I hear mixed things about all Neil Jordan films, and this teaser poster has me sold.  The trailer is embedded below if you want to take a look.


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