Fantasia 2018: Festival Adds Final-Minute Screening of Jonas Åkerlund's LORDS OF CHAOS

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Fantasia 2018: Festival Adds Final-Minute Screening of Jonas Åkerlund's LORDS OF CHAOS
Oh Fantasia. You would not be the festival that we love so much if you did not add a coveted screening after the last of our team have left the city. Your festival director Mitch Davis was hinting at this news last night but we had to wait until now to find out that we have all left you too soon. 
The festival just announced that they have added a clsoing night screening of Jonas Åkerlund's heavy metal dramedy Lords of Chaos. Fantasia is proclaiming it is likely the final theatrical screening of the unrated version of Åkerlund's shocking film. 
This screening will likely be sold out by the time you have read through this. Find out here
Montreal's long-running Fantasia International Film Festival announced earlier today that its "TBA Screening", an annual tradition in which one hotly-anticipated film screened at the end of the festival, which is not announced until shortly before it premieres, will be Jonas Åkerlund's critically-acclaimed Sundance darling LORDS OF CHAOS
Fantasia thrilled to showcase the film's Canadian Premiere as an eleventh-hour addition to their lineup, with the screening taking place on Thursday August 2nd at 9:45. As a bonus to attendees, this will likely be the last time the film’s original unrated version, which shocked audiences at the film's Park City World Premiere, will be projected in a cinema.
“Based on truth and lies”, this propulsive “dramedy” depiction of the exploits of the death-obsessed late-‘80s/early-‘90s Norwegian black metal scene’s most notorious bands, Mayhem and Burzum, is at once a poignant exploration of Oslo youth alienation and a rambunctious, taboo-smashing assault on the senses. As characters huff the remains of dead animals and burn centuries-old churches to the ground, Ackerlund – himself a co-founder of Swedish metal band Bathory before becoming the rather legendary film and music video director that he is today – never flinches, cranking his storytelling to “11” as he dives fists-first into the band’s ambitions, turmoils and, eventually, murders, with detours into Satanism and suicide. Starring a fantastic Rory Culkin as Øystein “Euronymous” Aarseth and Emory Cohen as Varg Vikernes, LORDS OF CHAOS is a startling and surprisingly funny piece of work that drips charisma and blood. It comes at you from a dark but soulful place, telling a tale of lost boys who want to be evil but have got only partial directions to the specific kind of hell they seek. It’s a tragedy, a comedy and a nightmare; a true-crime oddity laced with corpse paint and inverted crosses. It will stay with you. Adapted from the now-infamous Feral House book by Michael Moynihan and Didrik Søderlind. 
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