Pretty Packaging: The REVOLUTIONARY GIRL UTENA Boxset Wins All Duels

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(Its full title is the Revolutionary Girl Utena 20th Anniversary Ultra Edition boxset, but hey, what's in a name...)

The nineties were an interesting times for anime. On a technical front, computer graphics were slowly but surely becoming cheaper, allowing even lower-budgeted television productions to start using them. On an artistic front, creators started having fun with (in)famous eighties anime tropes, spoofing them and deliberately messing a bit with audience expectations. Several series from the late nineties became unexpectedly popular, classics even. Titles like Neon Genesis Evangelion and The Spirit of Escaflowne seemed cookie-cutter teen stuff at the start, but both turned out to be so much more.

Another title from that time is Revolutionary Girl Utena, which looked to be a romantic high-school comedy set in a heraldic world of aristocracy, gowns and roses. Typical "shōjo" girly fare, and made by the people responsible for much of what had made Sailor Moon a big hit. But as the series progressed it fast developed some teeth, spectacular design work, gorgeous music and subversive adult themes. It is now seen as a classic of its age, and has a fan following to this day.

And now, the entire series has been released on Blu-ray by US-based publisher Nozomi / Lucky Penny. You can buy the two seasons and the film separately, but lo -and-behold: there is also a gobsmackingly gorgeous 20th Anniversary Ultra Edition with EVERYTHING and some extra extras.

It's quite the looker, so here are some pictures of the set! Click on the edge of the pictures to scroll through them, or at the center of each to see a bigger version.

And here it is: a big box.
(I love it when a boxset is so full of stuff that it's almost a cube...)

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