Friday One Sheet: FIRST MAN

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Friday One Sheet: FIRST MAN

What struck me most about this poster for the IMAX release of an upcoming Neil Armstrong biopic, is that at first glance it looks less like a rocket launch, and more like a religious pyre for some early Clan of the Cave Bear homosapien tribe, or perhaps land before time biblical people in Darren Aronofsky's fantastical (underrated) Noah.

Perhaps it is the title, First Man, that reinforces this alternate image.

Nonetheless, a grey, grim take on the NASA Space Mission that put man on the Moon for the first time is in itself a bit of an alternate mood of a well known story.

Design company BOND, who also did the Solo, Rogue One, Fury Road, and Dunkirk poster campaigns, are given license to keep the credit block, and other textual clutter to a minimum, and focus on the strange central image that challenges at first glance for us (or at least me) to figure out just what that image is. (i.e. Is it a young lady or and old woman?)


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